Open Platform

Ailinkedlaw is a professional legal service system platform, adhering to the ultimate service concept. Take full account of more lawyer work scene. Therefore, the platform provides more third-party legal and ecological applications enhancing the use value of the platform.

  • Support Microsoft, Nutstore and other third-party professional document management services
  • Support mainstream social account binding to avoid password confusion
  • Integrate professional regulation case-base such as Lexis, Wolters Kluwer, PKULAW, etc
  • Integrate LegalMiner and other litigation-aided smart robots
  • Support enterprise information and convenience service interface development such as Tianyancha
  • Support electronic signature and contract signing online
  • Support Xiaofa AI Intelligent Legal Due Diligence Service

Project Management

Ailinkedlaw project management system combined the world's leading project management experience and 18 years of domestic law firm management experience to create the ultimate project experience for law firm.

  • Mainstream task management habits allow users to get started quickly
  • Clear project allocation system can grasp the project progress in real time
  • Real-time sharing of project documents can improve overall team knowledge performance
  • Project template features. It can provide a more accurate and convenient project experience
  • Project visualization can help managers to follow up the progress of the project in real time

Document Management

Documentation is the core of the work of lawyers. It is also the essential elements of law firm management. Ailinkedlaw cooperate with the world's top providers of documentation systems to provide more secure, intelligent and practical document management system for law firms.

  • Enterprise-level security standards: Document storage, collaboration and backup provided by professional suppliers
  • Platform access: Real-time document synchronization for lawyers to carry the latest and most complete document library
  • Multi-user online document editing collaboration : Maximize the platform's document management by integrating with Microsoft Office 365 platform

Multiple Application

A combination of different languages, different usage habits , different application environments and different devices application scenario system will meet law firm international and diversified needs.

  • Mufti-tenant design, isolated storage of each tenant data and documents, safe and easy to migrate
  • Multi-lingual design, free to add language can meet different user needs
  • Responsive web design, for various device access, with perfect browsing experience on all kinds of screens
  • Version control, for law firms to select according to demand

Modern Design

Ailinkedlaw can provide 6 UI layout schemes and over 12 theme color schemes for clients' personalized access.

  • Simple UI design
  • Diversified layout and theme schemes
  • Personalized home workbench design
  • Unified design language, with Web and App touch-and-go

Data Visualization

The analysis function of Ailinkedlaw data platform will provide a panoramic intelligent analysis result for law firms. Let the data quantify your management.

  • Multiple Chart Display
  • Automated data analysis
  • Customize visual data
  • Customized data analysis solution

Technical Features

Advanced SAAS platform is constantly updated, with multi-version combined to meet the different level need.


Continuous update

The version is rapidly iterated on the basis of the latest platform, with function continuously optimized and upgraded, integrating the third-party resources for real-time launching and sharing.


Safe and efficient

Guarantee the data security of law firms and reduce management risks. Before accessing the key business data of the law firm, the real name authentication of the user is required.


Cloud service

Advanced SAAS platform integrates multi-tenant from database to UI for quick migration and expansion and integrates Office 365 kit for document synchronization in the cloud.


Responsive design

Advanced UI framework, responsive layout, effectively adaptable to mobile phones, tablets and PC devices. It will bring users a faster, better and more perfect user interface experience.

Learn how Ailinkedlaw can help you speed up a lawyer’s daily work.


Based on 18 years’ in-depth practice of information management of law firms, Ailinkedlaw has refined the use scenarios and requirements of different objects ,combined with more third-party applications to provide diversified solutions, taking into account the real needs and future expansion to provide users with unlimited possibilities.

Lawyer teams, corporate legal affairs

Small and medium law firms

Large and medium law firms

Bar associations


To provide customers with a life cycle of professional services. Multi-channel and multi-dimensional landing services will help customers achieve real success.

1 Exclusive Customer Manager

Provide 1 to 1 professional customer service.

  • Product consultation ,quotation and contract preparation
  • Product usage training, QA and interpretation
  • Business research and demands communication
  • Scheme implementation and deployment

Triple Guarantee

Serve your law firm by heart, from customer manager to customer success system, with 24 X 7 hours online multi-form services.

  • One-to-one service
  • Quick response from advisory group
  • 7 X 24 hour online service

5 Stages

Achieve the services of whole life cycle covering requirement carding, introduction system, backstage deployment, use analysis and application expansion to help your law firm grow by heart.

  • Requirement carding: Position and analyze demand according to the requirements of previous law firm.
  • Institution Introduction: Implement requirements into specific management system and usage specification.
  • Backstage deployment: Develop the version corresponding to the requirements of the law firm in the backstage.
  • Use analysis: Track usage analysis based on the law firm's usual use.
  • Application expansion: Expand new applications to the changing needs of the law firm.

Product Pricing

Please select the plan for your business based on real needs

Basic Version
Law firms wishing for automated operations management through information system
All features including anti-pandemic public welfare version:

Maximum of 100 accounts

Conflict of interest retrieval

Human resource management

Basic data report

Custom layout and skin style

100G free initial cloud storage

Professional Version
Law firms wishing for more refined management
All features including basic version:

Unlimited accounts

Financial management

Data visualization analysis

Support Office 365,, Nutstore, QWinformation and other three-party system connection

Support connection of professional laws and regulations

500G free initial cloud storage

24/5 hours exclusive market service officer

Custom Version
Quote by project
Law firms wishing for privatized deployment and personalized customization
All features including professional version:

Support privatized deployment and data migration

Support personalized function customization

Independent development of exclusive App

Unlimited storage

24/7 hours exclusive customer service representative

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